The Hidden Life of Colors

In nature, the colorful plumage of birds serves to attract a mate, just as floral color is an important factor in long-distance recognition and attraction of pollinators. Alternatively, bright hues in insects, amphibians, fish and plants can often signal a warning to potential predators. As in nature colors may serve to attract or to convey overt or subtle signs to others, human behavior often mirrors this predilection when it comes to choosing clothing color.

When considering color and clothing, bright colors and saturated hues attract the viewer’s eye while simultaneously stimulating the senses. The more saturated a hue, the more one’s brain is triggered, the more impacted a viewer is, and the more attention is drawn. Brighter hues are generally therefore preferred over lighter hues. Bold and unique colors can convey meaning. They can signify that the wearer desires to make a strong impact, whether it be one of allure, edginess, or as a statement of confidence and individuality. Studies show that novel and unique is always more memorable than the familiar.

In addition to color being a statement to others, it is more importantly an expression of one’s own identity.  Bold and unique clothing color choices can help the wearer outwardly define their personality, attitude, and assert a sense of self. Bright hues inspire confidence, and have positive effects on behavior and mood when used to accurately project who the wearer wishes to be.

At Dushyant Asthana, bold hues are a critical component of the contemporary man’s unique wardrobe. The clothes you make the choice to wear are viewed by both yourself and others throughout the day, so we believe they should serve as a constant inspiration to both yourself and others. Express yourself. Be bold.

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