The Hand-Loomed Fabric

At Dushyant Asthana, we always strive to create designs that are not only timeless, but also a reflection of our value system.  Since our inception, we have maintained focus on using quality materials that are created with love.  One such material we use is the 'Khadi' fabric.

Khadi is a kind of cotton fabric that is made on wooden handlooms as opposed to mass-produced fabric that is made on automated industrial looms.  Because it is loomed by hand and requires immense manual labor, it takes significantly longer to make Khadi fabric that is ready for sewing.  In our experience, it takes anywhere from 60-90 days to get 100 yards of fabric loomed and ready for sewing.  Because the process is long, labor-intensive and intense, we make sure that we only loom what is needed and results in little wastage.  All of our Khadi shirts are made in small batches at our family run tailoring units.  You can see all of our Khadi shirts here.  We have aptly named the collection: The Elemental Weave.

We hope that you enjoy our hand-loomed shirts!  As always, should you have any questions for us, please send us a note at